Using Apple Watch To Track Your Sleep

September 12th, 2019

As mega tech company Apple continues to hype its new Apple Watch product, some people are aware that it now has the ability to track sleep patterns, and overall sleep quality. Of course, to many, this is no new feature, as other fitness products have offered this for some time now.

While this is a great idea in theory, is it really going to workout as well as Apple had hoped? To begin, the battery needs charging, and as many of you know, Apple batteries never really last that long. If you are like me, I charge the battery while I am asleep so its ready to go for the next day. The sleep tracker must be worn to track your sleep. There are several apps that can help with not wearing the watch at night, but all require you to still have the watch in the bed with you during sleep.

So really, in the end, does it really matter to you to review your sleeping patterns? Or maybe it all comes down to having the right mattress. Get the right mattress by contacting us today.