Bed Bridge – Twin Bed Joiner

A lot of times, customers will ask us if we can combined two twin beds, to make a king size bed. While this is possible, it is much more cost effective to purchase a bed bridge. Our bed bridges enable customers to save money by converting their two twin beds into one with a soft and supportive insert to eliminate the gap between the beds, and provide enhanced comfort without lumps and ridges.

At Schrader Mattress, we are constantly looking for new ways to help our current and past customers improve their overall sleeping experience, and by offering our bed bridges, we are able to help those looking to use two beds to create one comfortable bed.

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Can the Bed Bridge Be Used with Multiple Sized Beds?

Yes, the bed bridge can also be used to connect full mattresses to twin XL mattresses. Of course, it should be noted that one side will be longer than the other resulting in not having a typical standard mattress size.

Will My King Size Bed Sheets Fit?

Yes, king size bed sheets will fit on a joined bed, while they may be a little loose, with a mattress topper pad it will help to eliminate this issue.

Will the Beds Be Comfortable?

Yes, our bed bridges are designed to provide maximum comfort, and eliminate any lumps and bumps. However, for additional comfort, on any mattress, we recommend our mattress topper pads.

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The mattress team at Schrader Mattress is excited to provide our bed bridges to customers around the world. We are so positive that many people can benefit from using our bed bridges to combined two mattresses, and receive the same amount of comfort as a single mattress.

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