Top Mattresses of 2019

January 20th, 2019

As we begin searching for a new mattress during 2019, there are even more options available than we had in 2018. Over our 60 plus years in business, we have been able to watch mattresses develop and grow to provide people with the most comfortable sleeping experience. Once people started to recognize they are spending nearly half of their lives on a mattress, they started to explore more comfortable options. Today, we have many of options to choose from, and at Schrader Mattress, we are able to create custom mattresses for any look or feel you could imagine. Here are some of the top mattresses of 2019:

Memory Foam Mattress: Without a doubt, memory foam mattresses have taken the mattress industry by storm. Their ability to provide support and comfort is nearly unmatchable by any other mattress type. These mattress types will also learn the contours of your body to give you the maximum amount of comfort.

Hybrid Mattress:  Hybrid mattresses are great for couples that like different levels of firmness. We are able to develop these mattresses with nearly flawless seems, so that you can both get the same level of comfort, without sleeping in different beds.

Spring Mattress: Spring mattresses are still a popular option for many. Since people have been sleeping on spring mattresses for years, why not go with what you know. If you are a spring mattress person, you already know exactly what you’re getting.

Foam & Latex Mattress: These mattresses can also be considered a hybrid. The foam, often gel foam, will provide cooling while you sleep, so you don’t wake up sweating, while the latex is extremely comfortable, just not the best option for those with latex allergies.

If you are looking for a new mattress this year, we welcome you to give our friendly customer service a call, or simply complete the contact form and we will get right back to you!