The Importance of Sleep

Essential to our total well being, sleep helps us feel healthier, think sharper, and enjoy life more fully. Unfortunately, for millions of people, poor sleep and daytime weariness are facts of life.

Make sleep a healthy priority

restful sleepHow much sleep does your body need? How does your sleep environment and mattress affect the rest you get? The answers to these questions can provide some simple solutions to help you improve your sleep and quality of life.

Sleeplessness adds up to a sleep debt

bedroomSleep loss that accumulates from one night to the next is known as a “sleep debt” or sleep deprivation, Even a modest loss of sleep may produce a serious sleep debt when sustained over several nights. The only way to reduce this debt is to get the amount of sleep your body needs.

A good sleep environment (a quiet, cool, dark room and comfortable mattress and foundation) can help you sleep better

Sleep deprivationSleep deprivation has high costs. A 1993 report by the National Commission on Sleep Disorders Research estimates that sleep deprivation costs billions of dollars annually in accidents and lost productivity to our society. The effects on quality of life for millions of individuals and families are incalculable.

Sleep research shows that inadequate sleep can result in higher stress. Other effects include:

  • shortened temper
  • lower motivation
  • slower reflexes
  • and more mistakes

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