Social Media Causing Sleep Problems with Millenneals

May 18th, 2017

With social media ruling the life of many millenneals around the world, scientists have noticed that it is causing sleep problems. In fact, a new study has found that thisĀ is linked to sleep problems. Of course, with a constant stream of information being sent and received, and helping us keep in touch with friends and family, who wouldn’t want to use it. We just need to learn when to use it.

As most millennealsĀ are the ones that use social media the most, the research studied these individuals the most. The researched proved that social media use reduced sleep time, and resulted in more sleep problems. These sleep problems were mostly related to disturbances in sleep.

In the study, it tested a group of 1,788 adults between the ages of 19 and 32. The researchers monitored the amount of social media use and frequency of use. They also monitored sleep data collected during the experiment.

After analyzing the results, researchers found a strong correlation between the use of social media and sleep disruption. The results also determined that people that used social media the most had two times the risk of a sleep disturbance than the lower twenty five percent.

At Schrader Mattress, we have found a variety of methods to help reduce social media use around the bedroom, in order to help you get better sleep. These methods include:

  • Get off social media an hour before bed
  • Charge your device outside of the bedroom
  • Stop checking social media in the middle of the night
  • Read a book before bed
  • Stretch or meditate before bed

With these simple methods, you will find that you will get more adequate sleep, and feel better throughout the entire day. For more information about getting better quality sleep with a custom mattress, contact us today.