Sleep Deprivation: Affecting Your Body and Health

July 19th, 2015

Sleeping might just be ignored by other people who work and earn everyday. However, lack of sleep may result to short or long-term kind of effect to your body. The noontime drowsiness may just be its short-term effect, but it is already the reason why you cannot focus on your work right on that time. That is why before it gets worst, it would be best that you equip yourself with the importance of having an adequate sleep.

How does sleep affects your body?

Sleep enables your brain to function well by exercising its parts that you won’t normally do. Adequate sleep helps it stores and processes information towards your memory. It serve as the best time for your brain to rest after a long day of functioning and enabling you think and do things especially on work. Aside from your brain, here are the other parts that are great affected whenever you have adequate or lack of sleep:

  • Skin – one indication of skin deprivation is through your skin. Maybe, there is no longer blood that is reaching your skin because your arteries are no longer as healthy as before. That explains why it is more prone to wrinkles, rough texture, dullness and even chronic skin conditions that will totally damage its youthful appearance. It can even cause muscle fatigue to your face’s muscles. It may appear to be tense up and even look like those people who are older than their actual age.
  • Weight – this is another secret tip to learn especially those who wanted to manage their weight. There are already shows that those people with poor sleep tend to develop eating habits that may be already a sign of obesity. If you have insufficient sleep and don’t engage in a physical activity, then you can expect to see the effects on your waistline. These things can be explained, as inadequate sleep will cause releasing less of serotonin to the brain. To compensate this, you will be craving for sugary foods.
  • Posture – do you know that sleep also affects your posture? If you are dreaming of being the most beautiful woman or handsome man in this world, you should pay attention to your sleep to get that picture perfect posture.
  • Energy –Sleeping is the best activity for all your body parts to take a rest and recharge for the next day. Inadequate sleep or none at all will weaken you and even your immune system. The result, you don’t have much energy and enthusiasm to face the day’s work and challenges. Now that you have a low immune system, you are exposing yourself to illness and even serious diseases.
  • Pain – inadequate sleep stops your neurotransmitters or the one that suppresses the pain to be full refresh. This means it take for a couple of seconds before you feel the “ouch!” in your body.
  • Heart – lack of sleep will increase your risk of developing arterial aging and heart diseases

These various parts of the body are highly affected especially if you lack sleep. Before you ever start taking up different types of vitamins to lengthen your life span, it would be best to have first to rewards yourself with quality sleep.