Popular Sleep Analysis Apps

January 30th, 2016

Most people are not sure what is a quality sleeping behavior, as such, we are able to use apps to track our sleep behavior. From this, we can analyze if we had any unusual sleep patterns from disturbances, and discover solutions for getting a better quality of sleep.

Some popular apps used to analyze sleep patterns include:
FitBit: This app is commonly used to track steps throughout the day, however, it also tracks sleep patterns, and you can even set it to wake you up in the morning. This app will tell you when you were asleep, quality of sleep, and wake you up when you hit your adequate amount of sleep.

Beddit: This app measures everything from sleep cycles, heart rate and respiration to sleep time and more. Furthermore, Beddit will also track if you have a nightmare or snore, and make you aware of any poor bedtime habits.

Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock: This app uses graphs to analyze your sleep quality. The app will also wake you up during your lightest sleep patterns, and will analyze movement to determine what sleep phase you’re in.

Sleep Time: The Sleep Time app analyzes sleep cycles and graphs weekly and monthly patterns. The app can be programmed to wake you up at any time, and determine heart rate and more.

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