Saltwater Fishing Boats with Cabins

June 27th, 2016

Throughout the Palm Beaches, there are dozens of fishing spots. A lot of times, people will wake up at early hours of the morning, when fishing is better, just to catch that prize fish. As such, it is important to have a fishing boat that allows room for you and your friends to sleep. This way, you can sleep out on the boat the night before, then wake up and go straight to fishing.

Of course, there are different types of saltwater fishing boats that may be more beneficial to each person’s situation. For example, you may prefer a fishing boat designed for the calm coastal waterways, a fishing boat for deep sea adventures, or something for the family to enjoy. Here are a few types of popular saltwater fishing boats with cabins:

Cuddy Cabins

A cuddy cabin is basically a bow-rider with a deck and living space beneath it. It is very versatile and perfect for family fishing trips. It offers a great amount of storage and relaxation space, and is easy to maneuver. It typically features a swim platform, sun-pad and towline hook for wake-boarding, tubing, and water-skiing.

Cabin Cruisers

Cabin cruisers typically feature a kitchen or galley, toilet, and sleeping areas. In some cases, they even offer air conditioning, hot water, and electricity from a generator. They are popular in inland waters, and are easy to maintain. These boats are excellent for saltwater fishing trips, as they offer a great amount of room and comfort, along with the ability for many to sleep on-board. Not to mention, you can eat what you catch by taking advantage of the kitchen.


Catamarans boats have two hulls, also called multi-hull, to provide a smoother ride. They are extremely fuel efficient and have a large main cabin. They are a popular option for saltwater fishing, and offshore boating. With excellent maneuverability, performance, and space, these boats are a favorite by many.

Motor Yacht/Cruisers

Starting at around 40 feet, these boats are typically powered by a single or twin engine, and provide maneuverability and comfort. They are excellent for voyages and often have home like features including a kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, air conditioning and satellite television. They are excellent for longer fishing trips and day fishing trips alike.

Sport-fishing Boats

Probably the most popular saltwater fishing boat is the sport fishing boat. It is designed for multi-day outings and loaded with outriggers, fish lockers, towers, bait freezers, live wells, and other fishing accessories. These boats can easily cruise for hours at 35 knots or faster. Typically the cabin is air conditioning to accompany overnight trips with friends and family.


This vessel is excellent for fishing and provides a small cabin for sleeping on overnight trips. It offers many fishing accessories and offers comfortable seating and plenty of walking space throughout the boat.

While there are dozens of other types of saltwater fishing boats with cabins, these are simply a few of the most common types. At Schrader Mattress, we are proud to help people enhance their overall boating experience with our custom boat beds. No matter if you have a new boat or old boat, we provide top of the line beds that are custom made to your liking.