New Products

E. J. Schrader has the new SNORE-REDUCING adjustable bed available for testing. It can be made in custom sizes for your home, yacht or RV. It can also be incorporated into a fully upholstered bed.

The mattress is available organic or chemical-free.

We also have a new bedding accessories at E.J Schrader

We now have Bed Bridges in which make two twin beds into one comfortable king mattress.It makes the gap between the mattresses disappear!

We also have Bed Lifters in which make the back-breaking job of making a bed, into an quick and effortless job that leaves you with a perfectly-made bed every time.Untitled

We now have mattress protectors in which makes your bed waterproof, and also keeps bed bugs out. Protect your new E.J Schrader mattress with one of these today!

One of our newest products are the Chill pads. These pads help deter hot flashes during the night and keep your body at a desirable temperature.

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