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A chemical-free mattress, also commonly called a natural mattress or an organic mattress, is one that has been produced entirely without the use of potentially harmful or carcinogenic substances such as petrochemicals, polyurethane foam, formaldehyde, polyesters, pesticides and many others.

Try a true chemical-free mattress

chemical-free worldMany customers have found us through a holistic healer or Chiropractic Physician. In cases of allergies, a medical doctor may suggest a chemical-free mattress. Insurance companies have directed their customers to us when a home is found to have mold damage. Tell us what you are sensitive to and we will find a solution!

Sleeping on an chemical-free mattress is the easiest way to remove potential contaminants from a good portion of our lives. And by chemical-free, we mean just that—we use materials that are not introduced to any chemicals throughout their manufacturing process.

chemical-free mattressEach chemical-free mattress from E J Schrader is hand-sewn by real people who work to the specifications of your particular order. Because we manufacture what we sell, each and every chemical-free mattress and box spring is designed, created, and inspected by us. We simply won’t deliver anything to you that isn’t absolutely perfect.

organic cottonOrganic Cotton & Wool

Our cottons are certified as organically grown and are not bleached or chemically processed in any way. The wool we use in our chemical-free mattresses comes from sheep that are grazed organically and whose wool is also processed without chemicals. Even our box springs are made from untreated Spruce from the Canadian North.

organic woolFlammability Standards

Wool is naturally flame-resistant. Our chemical-free mattresses made with wool and cotton pass current federal flammability regulations without being treated with fire retardant chemicals. An all-cotton mattress will not pass this flammability standard. In addition, wool naturally curbs the growth of dust mites—a major cause of asthma.

chemical-free crib mattressesCrib Mattresses

Our chemical-free crib mattress can be of 100% latex rubber core and contains no synthetics or synthetic blends. Or it can be made with an innerspring unit which consists of 190 coils and encased with 100% organic cotton fill, with 100% organic cotton fabric quilted with 100% organic cotton.

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