Most people understand the enormous amount of toxins that are in normal mattresses, which is why they search for organic mattresses. As such, people also search for organic baby pads and toppers, as they want their children to be as toxin free and healthy as possible.

At Schrader Mattress, we have been in business for nearly 60 years providing custom mattresses to customers across the world, including their babies and children. By using organic talalay latex, we are able to provide toxin free baby pads and toppers to our customers.

A Healthy Option for your Baby

While most mattresses do contain toxins that have been linked to obesity, cancer, infertility, and brain disorders, organic latex mattresses are clean and clear of each of these toxins. As a result, our baby pads and toppers are a wonderful option to keep your baby free of harmful toxins at such a young age.

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For nearly 60 years Schrader Mattress has created custom mattresses for people from around the world. As such, we also provide custom baby pads and toppers to assure our infants also have a quality night’s sleep that is free from harmful toxins.

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