Miami RV Mattress Store

In the Miami area alone there are dozens of RVs, and thousands of people using these RVs to enjoy camping, sporting events, and traveling the area and nation. RVs are an excellent way to enjoy nearly any occasion while essentially bringing your home with you. Most RVs are equipped with bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms, and more.  As such, Schrader Mattress offers custom RV mattresses to help make your time traveling more relaxing and enjoyable.

For over 60 years, thousands of people have depended on our custom mattresses to provide them with a better night’s sleep than any of the big box mattress stores in the area. Plus, these big box mattress stores do not offer services specific to RVs, such as our custom mattresses. In fact, we have several celebrity and public figure clients that trust us to provide them with the absolute highest quality mattresses in the Palm Beach area.

RV Mattress Styles

Our custom RV mattresses are available to customer in many different styles. These styles will assure each of our customers get exactly what they want out of there mattress.

Some popular styles include:

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At Schrader Mattress, we want you to sleep as comfortably in your RV as you do at home, this alone is one of the many reasons people come to our mattress store. As we are a smaller shop, we are able to play a greater role in getting to know our customers, and helping provide them with a mattress that will be a better fit for them.

Located in Miami, Florida, we are able to serve customers throughout the entire area, and even around the world. A few of the local areas we serve include:

To learn more about our RV mattresses, we encourage you to contact us today.