2010 Palm Beach International Boat Show

Boat Show Newsletter

So much more than just boats at the 25th Annual Palm Beach International Boat Show

Help your children learn how to cast a fishing line, visit the exotic car showcase, cruise the tents and land area for a wide range of products and services or just grab a drink and a snack at the floating cocktail barge at the 25th Annual Palm Beach International Boat Show.

Here are is small sample of all the different products
offered at the show:

EJ Schrader Mattress Co., Inc. – Chemical Free Mattresses

Marine mattressThe last thing you want to worry about when you lie down to sleep is whether there are chemicals lurking on your mattress. Many mass-produced mattresses are stuffed with polyurethane foam and other synthetics that are treated with chemical fire retardants. E.J. Schrader manufactures organic mattresses from wool that comes from sheep grazed organically and processed without chemicals. Even their cottons are organically grown and likewise never treated with chemicals. As wool is also naturally flame-resistant, these mattresses pass current federal flammability regulations without chemical fire retardants. In addition, wool naturally curbs the growth of dust mites helping asthma and allergies as well.

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