Custom Mattress Store Serving Jacksonville, FL

A quality mattress can make a world of difference, especially since we spend most of our lives sleeping. At Schrader Mattress, we are well aware of this, and have provided our custom mattresses to customers from around the world for over 60 years. Of course, we are proud to provide our services to customers in Jacksonville, Florida and beyond.

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Mattress Types

Our team provides a number of different types of mattress to fit the specific needs of each customer. In most cases, our mattresses are never exactly the same, as each customer typically has specific requests. These mattresses may come in any shape, size, or firmness level you can imagine. We provide custom mattress types including:

Other Mattress & Bed Products

While our best seller is our mattresses, we also provide a number of other mattress and bed products. These products are aimed to keep customers happy, and help them with each of their mattress and bedding needs. Some of these products include:

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Contact Our Jacksonville Mattress Store Today

As Schrader Mattress is located in Florida, we are proud to provide our excellent services to customers throughout the state, including Jacksonville, Florida. Unlike big box stores, we are able to concentrate on bringing customers a unique experience, and help them create any type of mattress they can imagine.

While we do serve customers around the world, we do take pride in serving customers across the state of Florida as well. Some areas in Florida we provide services for include:

If you are interested in our mattress store in Jacksonville, we encourage you to contact us by calling 561-585-2139 or contacting us through our website – It’s that easy!