Greenacres Marine Mattress Store

Having served Greenacres, Florida for over 60 years, we have learned the importance of providing high quality products at an affordable price. Our mattresses compete with the big box stores to provide anyone interested in higher quality sleep, to get exactly what they want. We provide custom mattresses to homes, boats, yachts, RVs, and any other place you would like one of our mattresses.

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Why Our Marine Mattresses?

While Greenacres isnt located directly on the ocean, it is a short drive away. As such, dozens of people in this area love boating, which is why our marine mattresses are an excellent option for them. Our mattresses are much more comfortable than your stock or worn out mattress, and will be sure to enhance your overall boating adventure.

With the ability to create custom mattresses to your exact specifications, our team will help create a mattress with the exact firmness, and comfort you require. In fact, we can even create mattresses with two different comfort levels for you and your husband or wife.

Boat Types

Over the years, we have created and installed boat mattresses in dozens of different types of vessels. Many of these vessels have very unique bevels, corners, angles, and shapes that we are able to provide to customers.

Here are a few types of boats and manufacturers that we have created and installed mattresses for:

Custom Marine Mattress Products

Schrader Mattress offers dozens of custom mattress products, which help you enjoy higher quality of sleep.

Some of these products include:

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Contact Our Greenacres Boat Mattress Store

The team at Schrader Mattress is proud to bring customers high quality products at an affordable price. Unlike big box stores, we are able to concentrate on bringing customers a unique experience, and help them create any type of mattress they can imagine.

While we do serve customers around the world, we do take pride in serving members of the local South Florida communities as well. Some local areas we provide services for include:

If you are interested in our Greenacres mattress store, we encourage you to contact us by calling 561-585-2139 or contacting us through our website – It’s that easy!