Mattress protectors are used for a variety of reasons; including the fact they are proven to increase the lifetime of your mattress by keeping them fresher, cleaner, and reducing overall wear and tear. At Schrader Mattress, each of our mattress protectors are easy to remove, and machine washable, to make them as convenient as possible for our customers.

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Mattress Protector Features

Our mattress protectors give customers the highest quality protectors on the market. Each of our protectors are completely waterproof, protect against bugs, and other elements. This ensures your mattress will have a long lifetime.

Some special features include:

Bug Proof

By being bug proof, your mattress will be protected from all sorts of bugs including bed bugs, dust mites, and other allergens. Bug bites and dust mites can be a terror once they enter your bedding, and are extremely difficult to remove. With our protector, this problem will be eliminated.


Our mattress protectors are completely waterproof, to protect your mattress from drinks being spilled, and children.

Washing Machine Safe

Each mattress protector is completely washing machine safe, which means that you can simply throw in your mattress protector with your other sheets.

In addition, these mattress protectors are meant to last for years, so you will not need to replace them, or your mattress as often. To purchase a mattress protector for your bed, contact our mattress company today.

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