Florida Fishing in the Fall

October 8th, 2018

Florida Fishing in the Fall

While fishing in Florida is great year round, there are certain species of fish that are more plentiful during these months. During these months, the weather starts to cool, which triggers some fish to migrate and come in to the warmer shores. For some anglers, this means that some larger, predator and trophy fish are going to be closer to the shore to prey on the smaller fish.

Here are five popular fish that can be caught off the shores of Florida in the fall:

  1. Snook – These are nearly exclusive to Florida, which makes them extremely popular to both locals and tourists alike. These fish are considered to be in season from September to Mid-December.
  2. Grouper – These fish are bottom dwellers, and are often an enormous fish. There are many different types of grouper, and they all put up a fight, so be prepared.
  3. Spotted Sea Trout – This is a very popular game fish in Florida, and are very plentiful in the fall months. They will eat just about anything, making them very fun to catch. Hogfish – While these fish are on the brink of being overharvested, these fish are limited to fishing from May to October only.
  4. King Mackerel – These are predators that migrate south every winter to the warm waters of the Florida Keys. Many have better luck catching these fish during the fall, as they migrate.
  5. Red Drum – Also known as redfish. These fish are tough and are known to break your line if you give them some slack. They are very popular to catch during the fall.

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