Five Reasons An Adjustable Bed May Be Right For You

August 1st, 2019

Getting a great night of sleep is extremely important to maintaining our health. Finding the right mattress that you can adjust at any time to your sleeping needs is imperative. It has been proven that with an adequate amount of sleep we can perform at a higher level throughout the day. For these reasons, and several others, an adjustable bed can help.

Here are the top five reasons why you should consider purchasing an adjustable bed:

1.) A Healthy Nights Sleep

Most don’t realize that sleeping on a flat mattress can actually increase aches and pains, and may even wosen sleep conditions. An adjustable mattress can help you find the most comfortable sleeping position by elevating your legs, torso, and body to your comfort level. Several studies show people reporting that they feel more energized and refreshed after switching to an adjustable mattress.

2.) Fitting your Lifestyle

Most Americans like to read or watch television in bed, while a regular bed may cause strain on your neck and eyes. By purchasing an adjustable bed, you can get more comfortable while you read or watch TV by the push of a button.

3.) Affordability

Adjustable beds are actually way more affordable than you may think. While some adjustable mattresses can be expensive, there are several more affordable options, all available at Schrader Mattress.

4.) Increased Relaxation

When taking a nap or trying to relax for a minute, we may need to add pillows under our legs and back to find the proper amount of support. An adjustable bad can help you take better naps and relax better by helping you get more comfortable.

If you are interested in an adjustable mattress, we encourage you to contact us today at Schrader Mattress.