Palm Beach Dive Sites

June 5th, 2016

It is a well-known fact that there are many avid divers throughout the Palm Beach area, while many of these divers elect to go on longer diving excursions. These excursions often require divers to stay on their vessel overnight. As such, many divers also prefer diving at nighttime due to the different creatures lurking below during the late hours.

At Schrader Mattress, we understand the number of divers throughout the area, both visiting and locals. We are also proud to provide handcrafted boat mattresses to these divers in order to enhance their overall diving experience. Some of our favorite and most popular Palm Beach dive sites include:

Gilbert Sea off the Palm Beach Inlet

Built in 1966 in the Netherlands, Gilbert Sea would be seized by the US Customs Department carrying 74 pounds of cocaine. It is now part of the Governors Riverwalk Reef, which is dedicated in honor of Governor Jeb Bush to commemorate his crime fighting efforts.

Located at an average depth of 75 feet at latitude 26.7529333333333 and longitude -80.0103666666667, located about 1.5 miles from the Palm Beach Inlet. This is a popular diving site for many throughout the area and beyond.

Rolls Royce off the Palm Beach Inlet

What would better explain the Palm Beaches without a 1985 Silver Cloud Rolls Royce diving site? This artificial reef is part of the Artificial Reef Program, and is a popular spot to dive as it offers many different types of fish and aquatic life. It is at an average depth of 80 feet at latitude 26.767 and longitude -80.0083333333333.

Zion Train off the Jupiter Inlet

Located nearly one mile north of the Jupiter Inlet in 90 feet of water rests the Zion Train. Originally, the Zion train was used to move cargo in Europe. It wasn’t until 1997 in the Miami River where the crew was shot and killed by “pirates”, eventually to be seized for non-payment of dockage fees. It was scuttled on June 2nd 2003. This wreak can be found at latitude 26.96305 and longitude -80.00735.

The Breakers Reef

The Breakers Reef is a popular diving location in the Palm Beaches, as it offers miles of ledges, crevices, undercuts, and reefs. Depths range from 42 to 60 feet, and is located offshore of the famous Breakers Hotel. Here, divers can run into hundreds of species of marine life and spend hours relaxing in the sun or sleeping under the stars, on a custom Schrader Boat Mattress of course, at this location.

Juno Ledge

The Juno Ledge offers divers a look at goliath grouper, corals, schooling gamefish, eels, and so much more. This is one of Palm Beaches deeper reefs which begins at 68 feet at the top of the reef, and extends to 92 feet at the sand level.

Phil Foster Park/Blue Heron Bridge

This is not only one of the Palm Beaches most famous dive site, but is also famous around the world, as it is truly a photographers dream. Here divers can find hundreds of marine life from seahorses, eels, starfish, frogfish, sharks, manatees, and much more. In fact, it is also great for snorkeling too, as depths range from five to 20 feet.

Singer Island Mitigation Reefs

Just offshore of Singer Island are located piles of limestone boulders surrounded by sandy channels. Here, fish and marine wildlife can be found and viewed. It is a popular spot for both diving and snorkeling as depths range from five to 25 feet deep.

Whether you’re diving overnight, or simply diving during the day, if your boat or yacht has a bed, we are the go to custom boat bed company in the Palm Beaches and beyond. We create custom boat mattresses for people around the world, including the rich and famous. We hope you enjoy our diving spots throughout the Palm Beaches, we sure do.