Over the past couple of months, our clients have asked if we could create a mattress for their vehicle. As a result, we have decided to start creating these custom mattresses, and what better place to start than with the Tesla Model X.

We are now meeting with clients to create mattresses for the following:

No matter what the dimensions of your vehicle, if there is room for a mattress, we can create one for you. Our mattresses are super lightweight and comfortable, so you will be feeling like you are sleeping in your own bed at home. They can also be moved in and out of your vehicle at ease, and will not take up much storage space at your home or condo.

If you are interested in our custom vehicle mattresses please contact us today and we can get started working with you right away. Our prices are comparable to big box stores and all online retailers, the only difference is that you can be more specific to your sleeping needs, and you will have the pleasure to work with a local small business.