Custom Queen Bed Frame

For over 60 years, Schrader Mattress has engineered custom queen bed frames and mattresses to customers from around the world from West Palm Beach Beach, Florida. Over these years, we have created dozens of queen beds and mattresses, including our fabulous adjustable bed frames. Our bed engineers are able to custom create any shape or size of adjustable bed to your personal comfort level, and can create the custom bed frame to fit your home aesthetically, along with fitting any size or shape mattress. No matter if you have a special need that requires an adjustable bed, or are simply looking for added comfort, a way to reduce snoring, or minor aches and pains; we provide the best custom queen beds and bed frames on the market today. And best of all, all of these features are controlled by a remote control, so you don’t need to get up and adjust these beds manually.

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Why our Queen Bed Frames?

Each of our custom bed frame is created by real people who work to the specifications of your particular order. Because we manufacture what we sell, each and every custom bed frame and box spring is designed, created, and inspected by us. We simply won’t deliver anything to you that isn’t absolutely perfect. As such, you will never find two of the exact same of our bed frame or mattress anywhere in the world.

In addition, We carry all sizes, including standard-length twins. We can customize head and foot elevation and give you remote or corded controls with each bed frame.  Not to mention our warranties and extended warranties are the best in the business.

Custom Queen Bed Frame and Mattress Products

Schrader Mattress offers dozens of custom mattress products, which help you enjoy higher quality of sleep.

Some of these products include:

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Contact Our Custom Queen Bed Frame Store

The team at Schrader Mattress is proud to bring customers high quality products at an affordable price. Unlike big box stores, we are able to concentrate on bringing customers a unique experience, and help them create any type of mattress they can imagine.

While we do serve customers around the world, we do take pride in serving members of our West Palm Beach community as well.

Some local areas we provide services for include:

If you are interested in a custom queen bed frame, or mattress, we encourage you to contact us by calling 561-585-2139 or contacting us through our website – It’s that easy!