An organic mattress is described as a mattress or bedding that is made of all-natural materials that are clear of all toxins. With organic products, the latex is free of synthetics, and cotton is grown without pesticides. For fire protection purposes, pure wool is used.

At Schrader Mattress, our team provides customers with custom made organic mattresses, so they can be sure they are sleeping on a custom mattress made just how they like it. We encourage you to contact us today to learn more about our custom organic mattresses.

Organic Latex Mattresses

These organic mattresses are the most popular type of organic mattress we provide to customers. They are typically custom made using soft, medium or firm foam, and may use a combination of each depending on your specific needs. By use of talalay latex, we are able to cast mattresses to our customer’s exact specifications including different sizes and shapes. Furthermore, no pesticides, bleaches, chemical flame retardants, toxic finishes, or dyes are used.

Organic is Healthy

When customers search for an organic mattress, they know they are making a healthy decision, as there are no toxic chemicals used on these mattresses. These toxins can be extremely unhealthy and are linked to cancer, infertility, obesity, and even brain disorders. As such, our organic, non-toxic, and natural latex foam mattresses offer a healthy alternative to other types of mattresses.

Contact Our Organic Mattress Company Today

Customers have come to Schrader Mattress for nearly 60 years, as we provide completely custom mattresses to fit each of our customer’s needs. We have supplied customers with custom mattresses for their homes, private jets, yachts, boats, and even RVs as they understand what makes us stand out from the big box stores.

If you are interested in learning more about our organic mattresses, or would like to begin customizing your mattress, we invite you to contact by calling 561-585-2139 today – It’s that easy!