Schrader Mattress has offered custom headboards to customers for nearly 60 years, and has a highly-trained staff that hand-sews, fits, and upholsters each headboard piece of our customers. Our team is able to provide any design, and can even use your fabric to create that perfect look you have been searching for.

To learn more about our custom headboards, we encourage you to contact our team at Schrader Mattress. Here, we will gather information on what you would like, and begin creating a prototype. Simply call 561-585-2139 or complete our contact form today to begin!

What Fabric Can My Headboard Be?

Our team can use any type of fabric you would like to assure you get the exact headboard you imagined. We have dozens of fabrics to select from, and even let our customers bring in their own fabric, if they would like us to use theirs.

Am I Limited To A Size or Design?

Absolutely not, we have created both large and small headboards, and are able to implement nearly any design you could imagine. Of course, that is the beauty of being able to create custom headboards.

Will You Deliver My Headboard?

Yes, we will deliver and assemble your custom headboard. This not only provides our customers with convenience, it also assures your headboard is delivered without any scratches, and assembled correctly.

Contact Us Today

At Schrader Mattress, we are proud to serve both members of our South Florida community, along with customers from across the nation and around the world. With 60 years of experience building custom mattresses and headboards, we are able to help our customers dreams come true, and help them to dream longer with a full night’s sleep.

If you would like to purchase a custom headboard, we encourage you to give us a call at 561-585-2139 or fill out the contact form on this website – it’s that easy!