Four Ways to Get a Better Night’s Sleep

August 28th, 2015

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, one-third of people in the United States have trouble getting a good night’s sleep. Furthermore, a great number of these people suffer from sleep insomnia, which is defined as a sleep disorder characterized by difficulty falling asleep and/or staying asleep.

As sleep is an extremely important piece of our overall lives, and directly effects our mental, physical and emotional health and abilities, our team has collected five ways to help you get a better night’s sleep.

1.) Avoid caffeine in the evening

Contrary to the common belief, caffeine has a half-life of three to five hours, which is the time it takes to eliminate the substance from your body. In addition, the effects of caffeine can last from eight to 14 hours. Clearly, this is good reason to avoid drinking caffeine, especially past the afternoon hours.

2.) Choose the right mattress

One of the most important aspects of getting an overall good night sleep begins with the right mattress. As we spend most of our lives sleeping, it is important to find the right mattress firmness, and material to fit your specific needs.

3.) Limit napping

For those of you that enjoy taking a nap after a long day of work, a great way to increase your ability to sleep at night is to cut the nap out of your routine. Once you have eliminated the nap, you will begin to notice you will be able to sleep better, and won’t even require a nap any longer.

4.) Stay on a sleep schedule

No matter if it is the weekend, or weekday, it is important to maintain your sleep schedule. This will greatly help you get better night’s sleep. In addition, if you know how much sleep your body requires each night, make sure to go to bed early enough to wake up with enough sleep. If you are unsure of your sleep schedule, there are several websites such as, which will help you determine the most beneficial schedule.

To find out how the team at Schrader Mattress can help you achieve a better night’s sleep, we encourage you to contact us today.