A Boat Mattress On Black Friday

November 24th, 2019

Are you searching for a high-quality marine mattress at a fair price this Black Friday? If you have, then we are the mattress store for you. For over 60 years and counting, Schrader Mattress has created custom marine mattresses for both local customers and customers from around the world. Once customers have one of our mattresses, they typically come back for more to fill their home with, as there is nothing quite like our custom mattresses.

Why Our Marine Mattresses?

Our team possesses the ability to create custom mattresses to your exact specifications and will help create a mattress with the exact firmness, and comfort you require. In fact, we can even create mattresses with two separate comfort levels for you and your significant other.

Marine Mattress Products

Of course, mattresses are our bread and butter; however, we also provide a number of other mattress products. These products are aimed to keep customers happy, and help them with each of their mattress and bedding needs.

Some of these products include:

Boats We Have Created Mattresses For

Over the years, we have created and installed boat mattresses in dozens of different types of vessels. Many of these vessels have very unique bevels, corners, angles, and shapes that we are able to provide to customers.

Here are a few types of boats and manufacturers that we have created and installed mattresses for:

Contact us this Black Friday to get started on your custom boat mattress.