First Day of Fall | Top Fish Off The Palm Beaches

September 23rd, 2019

Today marks the first day of Fall, and there are dozens of great fish swimming, or soon to be swimming off our shores. If you are into fishing, many consider fall to be the best time to go.

Five popular fish that can be caught off the shores of Florida in the fall include:

  1. Snook – These are nearly exclusive to Florida, which makes them extremely popular to both locals and tourists alike. These fish are considered to be in season from September to Mid-December.
  2. Grouper – These fish are bottom dwellers, and are often an enormous fish. There are many different types of grouper, and they all put up a fight, so be prepared.
  3. Spotted Sea Trout – This is a very popular game fish in Florida, and are very plentiful in the fall months. They will eat just about anything, making them very fun to catch. Hogfish – While these fish are on the brink of being overharvested, these fish are limited to fishing from May to October only. The time is now.
  4. King Mackerel – These are predators that migrate south every winter to the warm waters of the Florida Keys. Many have better luck catching these fish during the fall, as they migrate.
  5. Red Drum – Also known as redfish. These fish are tough and are known to break your line if you give them some slack. They are very popular to catch during the fall.

While there are several other species of fish in our area, this is our top five list. Please feel free to let us know your thoughts!

Using Apple Watch To Track Your Sleep

September 12th, 2019

As mega tech company Apple continues to hype its new Apple Watch product, some people are aware that it now has the ability to track sleep patterns, and overall sleep quality. Of course, to many, this is no new feature, as other fitness products have offered this for some time now.

While this is a great idea in theory, is it really going to workout as well as Apple had hoped? To begin, the battery needs charging, and as many of you know, Apple batteries never really last that long. If you are like me, I charge the battery while I am asleep so its ready to go for the next day. The sleep tracker must be worn to track your sleep. There are several apps that can help with not wearing the watch at night, but all require you to still have the watch in the bed with you during sleep.

So really, in the end, does it really matter to you to review your sleeping patterns? Or maybe it all comes down to having the right mattress. Get the right mattress by contacting us today.

Hurricane Dorian | Update

September 5th, 2019

While we ended up not seeing too much of Hurricane Dorian, the Bahamas were ravaged by this terrible storm. At a category 5, with over 200 mph, and a storm moving at 1 mph, we can only imagine what these people went through.

There are dozens of efforts going on to help the people of the Bahamas to recover from this event, and we encourage everyone to help our neighbors out, as many of you love to enjoy their beautiful waters.

If anyone is in need of assistance following the hurricane, please contact us at Schrader Mattress.

Hurricane Dorian : Stay Safe

September 2nd, 2019

We hope everyone is properly prepared for Hurricane Dorian. This storm is still nothing to play with, and extremely powerful. Make sure to stay off and away from the ocean, as the rip currents are extremely dangerous.

The team at Schrader Mattress also wants to let everyone know that we are here and ready to help in anyway we can for that that are in need from the impact of the storm.

Stay safe out there!

Happy Labor Day 2019

September 2nd, 2019
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Labor Day Boating Safety

August 27th, 2019

This year we get a nice long three day Labor Day weekend, so remember to stay safe out there on the water as there will be a great influx of of boaters on the water. Here are some boating safety tips to remember for your Labor Day weekend:

1. Always wear a life jacket and insist that your crew and guests do the same. Approximately 77 percent of fatal boating accident victims drowned in 2013.(1) Almost 84 percent of those who drowned were not wearing a life jacket, and 8 out of every 10 boaters who drowned were on vessels less than 21 feet in length. Always have an adequate supply of life jackets aboard. Make sure that children are wearing appropriate life jackets that fit correctly. Drowning was the reported cause of death for approximately 36 percent of the children under the age of 13 who perished in boating accidents in 2013. In cold water areas, life jackets are even more important. Hypothermia is a significant risk factor for injury or even death while boating. Cold water accelerates the onset and progression of hypothermia since body heat can be lost 25 times faster in cold water than in cold air. Boaters can be at risk of hypothermia in warm waters as well, where expected time of survival can be as little as two hours in waters as warm at 60 – 70°F. To learn hypothermia risk factors and how to better your chances of survival, visit

2. Never drink alcohol while boating. Alcohol use was again the leading factor in all fatal boating accidents, and in 2013 contributed to 75 fatalities, 16% of recreational boating deaths.(1) Stay sharp on the water by leaving the alcohol on dry land.

3. Take a boating safety course. Only 13% of deaths occurred on boats where the operator had received boating safety instruction from a provider offering a course that meets U.S. Coast Guard-recognized national standards.(1) You may even qualify for a reduced insurance rate if you complete a safety course. Contact your local Coast Guard Auxiliary, U.S. Power Squadron chapter(2) or visit for more information on courses in your area.

4. Stay in control by taking charge of your safety and that of your passengers. Boaters between the ages of 36 and 55 accounted for the highest percentage of boating fatalities (38%) and injuries (39%) than any age group in 2013.(1) With nearly 5,500 vessels involved in accidents in 2013, it is imperative to maintain control of your vessel and your passengers. Don’t forget that safety begins with you.

5. Understand and obey boating safety recommendations and navigational rules.Imagine the mayhem that would result if car drivers disregarded highway traffic laws. In 2013, violations of navigation rules were the leading contributing factor in more than 200 accidents and 15 deaths.(1) Know and understand boating safety procedures
and rules of navigation before taking to the water, and practice them without fail.

And remember, if you’re in need of a better nights sleep on the ocean, contact us today.

Study Shows Mobile Device Usage Before Bed Reduces Sleep Quality

August 14th, 2019

More than ever before are children using mobile devices for games, social media, texting friends, watching movies, and so much . more. There are several studies that prove playing on mobile devices before going to bed can cause sleep problems.

Studies performed on 1,788 younger individuals between the ages of 19 and 32 showed that the amount of social media use and frequency use directly relate to lesser sleep quality.

The results found a strong correlation between the use of social media and sleep disruption. The results also determined that people that used social media the most had two times the risk of a sleep disturbance than the lower twenty five percent.

With over 60 years of experience in the “sleep industry” we have found a variety of methods to help reduce mobile device use around the bedroom, in order to help your child get better sleep.

These methods include:

  • Get off your device at least an hour before bed
  • Charge your device outside of the bedroom
  • Stop checking the device in the middle of the night
  • Read a book before bed
  • Stretch or meditate before bed
  • Get at least 30 minutes of exercise a day

If you’re interested in getting a more comfortable nights sleep, contact us today!

Sleep Cool In The Florida Summer

August 8th, 2019

There is no doubt about it that the summer nights in Florida get extra toasty, which is why we carry ChiliGel cooling pillow pads. These pillow pads are intended to keep your pillow, and head, cool during the Florida summers, and throughout the year.

The ChiliGel cooling pad is specially engineered using a cooling gel to keep your head cool while you sleep. The pads are wrapped in a soft polyester cover to keep you safe, and offer a maximum level of comfort. The dimensions are 11.75” x 15.75” to fit all sizes of bed pillows.

These pillow pads are intended to last for three to five hours, to assure you are fast asleep by the time the pillow is back to normal temperatures. Unlike other pillow pads, the ChiliPad is able to stay cool all night, so you never wake up to a warm and uncomfortable pillow.

Since most people sleep better with a cooler pillow than a warm pillow, there are a number of ways the ChiliGel pillow pad may help your overall sleep. ChiliGel may help improve the following:

  • Fall Asleep Faster
  • Better Night’s Sleep
  • Sleep through the Night
  • Reduce Headaches
  • Reduce Neck Pains

If you are interested in one of our ChiliGel pillow pads, please contact us today.

Five Reasons An Adjustable Bed May Be Right For You

August 1st, 2019

Getting a great night of sleep is extremely important to maintaining our health. Finding the right mattress that you can adjust at any time to your sleeping needs is imperative. It has been proven that with an adequate amount of sleep we can perform at a higher level throughout the day. For these reasons, and several others, an adjustable bed can help.

Here are the top five reasons why you should consider purchasing an adjustable bed:

1.) A Healthy Nights Sleep

Most don’t realize that sleeping on a flat mattress can actually increase aches and pains, and may even wosen sleep conditions. An adjustable mattress can help you find the most comfortable sleeping position by elevating your legs, torso, and body to your comfort level. Several studies show people reporting that they feel more energized and refreshed after switching to an adjustable mattress.

2.) Fitting your Lifestyle

Most Americans like to read or watch television in bed, while a regular bed may cause strain on your neck and eyes. By purchasing an adjustable bed, you can get more comfortable while you read or watch TV by the push of a button.

3.) Affordability

Adjustable beds are actually way more affordable than you may think. While some adjustable mattresses can be expensive, there are several more affordable options, all available at Schrader Mattress.

4.) Increased Relaxation

When taking a nap or trying to relax for a minute, we may need to add pillows under our legs and back to find the proper amount of support. An adjustable bad can help you take better naps and relax better by helping you get more comfortable.

If you are interested in an adjustable mattress, we encourage you to contact us today at Schrader Mattress.