Study Shows Mobile Device Usage Before Bed Reduces Sleep Quality

August 14th, 2019

More than ever before are children using mobile devices for games, social media, texting friends, watching movies, and so much . more. There are several studies that prove playing on mobile devices before going to bed can cause sleep problems.

Studies performed on 1,788 younger individuals between the ages of 19 and 32 showed that the amount of social media use and frequency use directly relate to lesser sleep quality.

The results found a strong correlation between the use of social media and sleep disruption. The results also determined that people that used social media the most had two times the risk of a sleep disturbance than the lower twenty five percent.

With over 60 years of experience in the “sleep industry” we have found a variety of methods to help reduce mobile device use around the bedroom, in order to help your child get better sleep.

These methods include:

  • Get off your device at least an hour before bed
  • Charge your device outside of the bedroom
  • Stop checking the device in the middle of the night
  • Read a book before bed
  • Stretch or meditate before bed
  • Get at least 30 minutes of exercise a day

If you’re interested in getting a more comfortable nights sleep, contact us today!

Sleep Cool In The Florida Summer

August 8th, 2019

There is no doubt about it that the summer nights in Florida get extra toasty, which is why we carry ChiliGel cooling pillow pads. These pillow pads are intended to keep your pillow, and head, cool during the Florida summers, and throughout the year.

The ChiliGel cooling pad is specially engineered using a cooling gel to keep your head cool while you sleep. The pads are wrapped in a soft polyester cover to keep you safe, and offer a maximum level of comfort. The dimensions are 11.75” x 15.75” to fit all sizes of bed pillows.

These pillow pads are intended to last for three to five hours, to assure you are fast asleep by the time the pillow is back to normal temperatures. Unlike other pillow pads, the ChiliPad is able to stay cool all night, so you never wake up to a warm and uncomfortable pillow.

Since most people sleep better with a cooler pillow than a warm pillow, there are a number of ways the ChiliGel pillow pad may help your overall sleep. ChiliGel may help improve the following:

  • Fall Asleep Faster
  • Better Night’s Sleep
  • Sleep through the Night
  • Reduce Headaches
  • Reduce Neck Pains

If you are interested in one of our ChiliGel pillow pads, please contact us today.

Five Reasons An Adjustable Bed May Be Right For You

August 1st, 2019

Getting a great night of sleep is extremely important to maintaining our health. Finding the right mattress that you can adjust at any time to your sleeping needs is imperative. It has been proven that with an adequate amount of sleep we can perform at a higher level throughout the day. For these reasons, and several others, an adjustable bed can help.

Here are the top five reasons why you should consider purchasing an adjustable bed:

1.) A Healthy Nights Sleep

Most don’t realize that sleeping on a flat mattress can actually increase aches and pains, and may even wosen sleep conditions. An adjustable mattress can help you find the most comfortable sleeping position by elevating your legs, torso, and body to your comfort level. Several studies show people reporting that they feel more energized and refreshed after switching to an adjustable mattress.

2.) Fitting your Lifestyle

Most Americans like to read or watch television in bed, while a regular bed may cause strain on your neck and eyes. By purchasing an adjustable bed, you can get more comfortable while you read or watch TV by the push of a button.

3.) Affordability

Adjustable beds are actually way more affordable than you may think. While some adjustable mattresses can be expensive, there are several more affordable options, all available at Schrader Mattress.

4.) Increased Relaxation

When taking a nap or trying to relax for a minute, we may need to add pillows under our legs and back to find the proper amount of support. An adjustable bad can help you take better naps and relax better by helping you get more comfortable.

If you are interested in an adjustable mattress, we encourage you to contact us today at Schrader Mattress.

Happy Father’s Day

June 16th, 2019
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Happy Memorial Day

May 27th, 2019
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What Fish Are Biting In April In Palm Beach?

April 24th, 2019

In Palm Beach County, we have the ability to catch all types of fish year round. While sometimes of the year are better than others, as the water temperatures vary, and spawning takes place during specific times of the year which causes the fish to migrate with the seasons. Several regional calendars indicate the following are the best fish to catch in the Palm Beaches, and South Florida, during the month of April:







Mahi Mahi


Blue Marlin



Blackfin Tuna

To lengthen your time on the water while out on these fishing trips, it is important to consider a custom mattress for your boat or yacht. This can help make a difference between catching the “catch of the day” or not. Contact Shrader Mattress for all your mattress needs today.

Happy Easter

April 21st, 2019
Happy Easter to Everyone from Schrader Mattress!

Palm Beach International Boat Show 2019

March 7th, 2019

Schrader Mattress is going to have a team at the Palm Beach International Boat Show, and hope that you come visit us this year. Our booth will be 502 near the Clematis Street tent entrance. Here event goers can talk to us about our custom mattresses, learn about the different materials used in yachts and boats, and find out other ways our mattresses and bed products can help you sleep better at night.

The 34th annual Palm Beach International Boat Show takes place between March 28 – 31, 2019. This show is one of the five top boat shows in the country. The 2019 show will feature over $1.2 billion of boats, yachts, catamarans and accessories, like our custom mattresses.

The show will include dozens of watercraft ranging from smaller inflatibles to mega yachts that span almost 300 feet in length. In addition, the show offers educational and fun activities, including FREE youth fishing clinics and seminars.

Most importantly, make sure to stop by booth 502, and visit your favorite custom yacht mattress shop!

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Miami Yacht Show – Final Day

February 18th, 2019

This is the final day of the Miami Yacht show, so if you haven’t come to visit us yet, we highly recommend it. There are dozens of yachts, boats, and exhibits on display. Its a wonderful day down here in Miami, Florida for the show. Make sure to stop by and have a few drinks and some of this wonderful food. We would also love to speak with you about our custom boat mattresses.